Sadly not currently actively producing plug-ins...but!

De-Vice' plug-ins are being checked for compatibility with SonicCore's Scope V5 software so check this space again for updates or email me to register your interest! to some background on De-Vice' plug-ins...

De-Vice' was a great outlet for many creative ideas come actual working, sound manipulation thingies which eventually grew to over a dozen unique software tools.


De-Vice' was 'learn-as-you-go' puppy founded in 1998 in Melbourne Australia, moved me to London UK and on to Berlin Germany where I continued to plug away surrounded by other great companies like NI and Ableton at the end of my street...a very exciting place to be.


The harsh realities of a self-run software development company I won't bore you with here... (design, development, web site, store, customer relations, equipment investment etc etc). I'll save that for the book  ;-}


Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who bought my software and kept my enthusiasm alive and coffee beans in my grinder. I really appreciate all the great feedback and many interesting emails and music gifts over the years! 


I still use my plug-ins for my own music and projects and who knows, I may even create more De-Vice' products in the future. Stay tuned...