Starched White Collars

Trap Set
simon ayton


From the Trap Set album Thingamejig | simon ayton all instruments and production


Starched white collars... 

If your 
look’n for the why the 
where-how and reasons 
this is not the time or the 
place or the season so 
swallow your pride these 
mouths need feed’n better 
join the long line in the 
search for meaning 

given your life for 
no good reason they 
say it’s alright but 
they’re just teas’n!) 

You’ve done a 
hell alot of nuth’n you’ve 
gained a whole lot less your 
life needs rearrang’n your 
head’s a messy desk so 
go ahead and put off the 
scandal til tomorrow you’ve 
scuppered much more 
time than you could borrow in 

Starched white collars... 

take a bow to your wage put your 
selflessness on display. your 
reasonless self-abase until the 
penny drops it’s ok I guess? 

all the things you buy only make you iller live 
for your next pay with TV as filler you 
don’t have to be Julius Sumner Miller to 
know that time only runs backwards in a mirror 

(they say there’s no life...If 
there’s no meaning but 
there’s no time if 
there’s no being...) 

handlebars and no brakes. You’ve 
given control away. The 
heady weight on your frame. Has 
stolen life’s course astray... 

starched white collars 

So if 
there’s no life 
there’s no meaning 
dry your fuck’n eyes cos 
this is not eden! 

Starched white collars...