Here is a brand new Pulsar/SCOPE insert/stand-alone effect you won't believe!

This infinite looping device lets you record continuously changing loops of different lengths over the top of the other to build up your own, completely individual atmospheres and sound effects.

The loops, set in seconds + milliseconds, remain playing forever until you erase them.

The loops can be up to 10 seconds and you can punch in and out of record at any point to replace sections with any new sound as you monitor in real-time through the mixer section and create exceptional montages for your tracks.



Use the Infini Looper to create the most wicked sustained delay effects for vocals, synths, drum loops or absolutely anything you plug into it which makes it THE must have effect for Pulsar/SCOPE.

EVERY control is MIDIABLE, including record and erase buttons for maximum playability.

Using the insert section, you can integrate all your Pulsar/SCOPE effects directly within the Infini Looper which also lets you determine the plug-in order to reverb a pitchshifted sound or process each individually.

In addition, dropping a pitchshifter, EQ, filter with LFO, reverb or any of the hundreds of effects currently available into the Infini Looper's inserts also gives them full MIDI control. This allows you to manipulate the sound to the maximum whilst recording all of your moves into your sequencer



Totally new Looper/Recorder effect for Pulsar/SCOPE

Full MIDI control, even switches! A first for Pulsar/SCOPE

 Create sounds and atmospheres completely within Infini Looper

Set the length in seconds/milli seconds and loop infinitely

Works with all your current Pulsar/SCOPE insert effects

No limit to the amount of loops that can be recorded

MONO version included using half the resources

Extremely low DSP usage


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