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The New Album 'Thingamejig' is Here!

Thingamejig cover

After 5+ years of work over three countries, i'm very happy to announce that 'Thingamejig' is now available.


13 songs and full colour artwork based on 2" reel to reel tape box included.

Bonus tracks available minus drums and voice for some fun.

Also custom patches to match the songs for the Roland TD-25 V-Drums included for free via BandCamp.

Head to the services below to grab your copy.





Mixed By You!

Have you ever thought the voice, guitar or drums should be louder when listening to a mix?

Well I've created a special site where you can even get your hands on the multi-track 'stems' of the new track 'Starched White Collars'.

Using the custom mixing console, you can mute, solo, pan and mess with the actual volumes of the multi-track mix in fun.

You just need Google's Web Browser 'Chrome' and then head to this link to start mixing!




Here's the artwork for 'thingamejig'...


trap set Thingamejig inner fold out




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