For Eyes & Ears


 On The Move | Short Film Australia 1996

Patrick Burns Music: Damian Mason, Phillip Okerstrom, Simon Ayton




First Love | Short Film Australia 1999

Patrick Burns 1999 Music: Damian Mason, Phillip Okerstrom, Simon Ayton




Hurt | Feature Film Australia 1999

Phillip Crawford & Matthew Priestly BIG hART & The Omni Group 2000 Music: Damian Mason, Phillip Okerstrom, Simon Ayton

Winner Best Documetnary, Flickerfest, Sydney 2001. Special Award, National Film Critics Circle of Australia, 2001. Winner, Open Craft Award for Best Concept. - See more here


Dawn of the DMF's | Feature Film Australia 2000


Colin Moody, Actor

  Black On Black Films. Music and sound Mix Simon Ayton (plus many other contributors!)


gLoaT| ZAIBATSU band film clip Australia 2000

Patrick Burns. Music Zaibatsu: Simon Ayton Drums & Percussion, music engineering and mix


Wrecker | Short film U.S.A 2004

Nadav Kurtz. Music Phirefones: Simon Ayton Percussion, music engineering and mix


Muxmaeuschenstill (ENGL: Quiet As A Mouse) | Full-Length Film Germany 2004


directed by Marcus Mittermeier, written by Jan Henrik Stahlberg. The film follows a vigilante named Mux (Stahlberg), who lives in Berlin and used to study philosophy. He wants to bring justice to rapists, thieves, and vandals in his own way, documenting all his actions through a camcorder lens held by his friend Gerd.

The film won the Max-Ophüls-Preis 2004 in 4 categories and was nominated for the Bundesfilmpreis 2004 in the category "Best film".

 Music Phirefones: Simon Ayton Percussion, music engineering, mix, Soundtrack CD compilation & mastering


Street Thief | Full-length film U.S.A 2006

Street Thief is a 2006 documentary-style fictional film that follows the life of putative Chicago burglar Kaspar Karr, played by Malik Bader. The movie was directed by Malik Bader. Wikipedia

Music Phirefones:Simon Ayton Percussion, music engineering and mix


Selected Band Albums


Ghostfish | CD LP Australia 1993

scarecrow tiggy CD cover art

Scarecrow Tiggy Simon Ayton Drums & Percussion


All The Things I Don't Want To Be... | CD LP Australia 1999

album cover zaibatsu

ZAIBATSU Simon Ayton Drums & Percussion engineering, mix, mastering


One Solar Day... | CD LP Australia/Germany/UK 2001

album cover LUG

LUG Simon Ayton all music engineering, mix, mastering


duive moro.. | CD LP Germany 2003

duive album cover

music: Sickerman Simon Ayton percussion, engineering, mix, mastering


Living In The Lower Frequencies... | CD LP Australia 2005

lime cd cover

music: Lime Simon Ayton drums & perc engineering, mix, mastering


The Subtle Life | CD LP Germany 2005

music: Sickerman Simon Ayton some drums & perc engineering & mastering

Listen To The Soundwaves... | CD LP Germany 2003

listen to the soundwaves album art

Aidan Bartley  Simon Ayton engineering, mix, mastering


Vaudeville... | CD LP Germany 2004

vaudeville artwork

Aidan Bartley  Simon Ayton engineering, mix, mastering


Pocket Knife... | CD LP Australia/Germany 2007

Kat Frankie Pocket Knife cd cover

Kat Frankie Simon Ayton Drums & Percussion, engineering, Melotron 


Fragements of a dream ... | CD LP Germany 2008

fragements album cover

Aidan Bartley  Simon Ayton drums & Percussion


Chemical Symphony... | CD LP Australia 2012

GLOAT album art

gLoAT: damian mason | Phillip Okerstrom | Simon Ayton


Thingamejig | CD LP Australia 2014

Thingamejig album art

Trap Set: Simon Ayton all music, engineering, mix, mastering


 Other Sounds

The Classic | Toontrack Drum Sample Library

 Toontrack with Artist Chris Whitten Simon Ayton MIDI production assistance


Roland TD-50 | V-Drums sound engine

  Roland TD-50KV V-Drums

Drum & Microphone Wrangler | Tester | Patch creation  


Roland TD-17 | V-Drums sound engine


Factory Patch creation  




Interview in Australian Musician Magazine


Long-Distance Drumming -Musical Collaboration Via Email for DigitalDrummer Magazine


 Just A Sample- Preparing samples for triggering and use in music for DigitalDrummer Magazine


Sounds Better In Stereo- Why Stereo sound matters for drummers for DigitalDrummer Magazine


For The Record- Recording Electonic Drums for DigitalDrummer Magazine


Your On-board Studio- Shaping your drum sound for DigitalDrummer Magazine


Tweak Before You Play- Electronic Drum Maintainence for DigitalDrummer Magazine


Recording the Roland TD-11/TD-15/TD-25 V-Drums


MIDI vs. Audio 


 Typical drumming techniques with V-Drums


How the metronome can be your best friend


Performing Live With Electronic Drums And Percussion


How to add samples to your V-Drums


 The Complete Guide to the SPD-SX sampling Pad


It's never too late to learn the drums


 Recording The Roland TD-50 V-Drums



In The Clouds