The new De-Vice' sLiM-JiM compressor plugin offers you the most flexible compressor plugin on the planet with a distinct sound ranging from subtle to savage.

sLiM-JiM compressor plugin

sLiM-JiM compressor plugin follows up on the high standard the LeveL-DeviL compressor plugin set for extremely smooth and sonically satisfying compression and adds a ton of character which we hope means you will want to use it on everything!

The main thing that sets the sLiM-JiM compressor plugin apart from the literally tens of compressors out there is it's powerful sidechain flexibility, unheard of for Scope platform compressors, real-time capability and smooth, characteristic sound.

We wanted to create a compressor plugin with a unique sound that gave you control of exactly how the compression reacts to different signals.

sLiM-JiM offers you not only two styles of compression, circuit detection (forward feed and sidechain feedback) but also a built-in, frequency conscious, fully featured sidechain section allowing you to concentrate on the music rather than having to stop to patch in external EQ.
We expect the musical difference these features make to your work flow and ultimately the results will be immediately obvious!

What it does

'sLiM-JiM compressor plugin incorporates every possible feature a typical compressor could offer as well as many features available for the first time anywhere like simultaneous, built-in, multi-band, frequency conscious compression, dramatic, conventional 'forward feed' and the extremely smooth LeveL-DeviL style 'sidechain feedback' compression algorithms give the sLiM-JiM compressor plugin it's distinctive sound.



Attack and release is adjustable with a simple button section from 'instant' to 'slow' with each setting having a slightly different 'knee' shape covering many different styles of compression quicker and more easily repeatable than a conventional fader.

Optimum settings already found for you!

The real-time nature of the Scope development platform which we use to create our plug-ins, means the sLiM-JiM compressor plugin could be designed and configured while it was actually being used in a typical multitrack mixdown scenario allowing the most appropriate settings to be tried out, found and stored for all controls. This design technique is used for all De-Vice' plug-ins and allows the creation of the ideal settings for all functions of our plug-ins with an aim to make our effects user friendly and ultimately more musically satisfying.


Powerful Built-in sidechain

The sidechain is the part of a compressor that determines what the detection circuit is hearing and therefor how it responds to different signals.

The integrated sidechain features allow the sLiM-JiM to focus it's compression on the areas of the sound you want to compress without effecting other frequencies negatively.

No external patching in of EQs to the sidechain is required with sLiM-JiM compressor plugin! Simply press the button representing the frequency range you want to compress and a custom designed, internal EQ curve is engaged. Switches are provided for low, mid, high and all frequencies as well as an external mode where you can patch in your own EQ or effects for 'de-essing' and 'ducking' for example.

Unlike other compressors, all the different sidechain buttons are selectable at the same time meaning you could decide to compress the lows and highs and leave the mid frequencies alone. This feature effectively makes the sLiM-JiM compressor plugin a multiband, frequency conscious compressor!

Every sidechain button has a corresponding phase invert button allowing totally new compression effects no other compressor on the Scope platform has previously offered. Even a left and right to right and left channel switcher is part of the sidechain features giving you total control over it's function. A listen button is provided to allow 'soloing' of the sidechain so you can hear exactly what is being compressed.

Unique Sidechain Listen Function for Dramatic EQ Effects

When the small speaker, the sidechain listen button, is activated, you will hear what is being fed into the sLiM-JiM compressor's sidechain. Usually the user will press this button, listen to which frequencies are being compressed and then turn it off during normal use. Boring...!!!


We have designed all of the sidechain buttons to be used just as any other part of the compressors signal path. Any of the wildly different sounding EQ curves can be engaged at the same time giving you a huge range of sound options. You can squash the sound to bits, engage the 'mid' sidechain EQ button for a garage like sound then fatten the whole thing up like it's been recorded to tape using the 'saturation' control!

Both 'Forward Feed' and 'Feedback' sidechain compression stylesBecause the sidechain part of a compressor is what determines the way the circuit reacts to signal and is therefore a very important factor in it's sound, two types of internal sidechain are included standard with the sLiM-JiM compressor plugin giving two distinctly different operational characteristics.When the 'style' button is set to 'RV' the 'Sidechain Feedback' * method is used closely matching that found in classic analog, valve compressors from the dawn of compression.

This is the same method used in our much loved LeveL-DeviL compressor plugin which automatically senses it's own output and automatically adjusts the response of the compression accordingly to give you extremely smooth, natural gain reduction without the unwanted side effects of valve circuits such as typically high noise floor, distortion and other possibly musically unfriendly artifacts.When the 'style' button is set to 'FW' the more conventional 'Forward Feed' method is used giving a much more obvious compression with lots of 'breathing' and 'sucking' which offers a savage squash that can really make drum tracks move or tighten up inconsistent bass playing for example. 

'Dynamic Link' function

Dynamic link is a special feature of the sLiM-JiM which 'ties' or 'links' the threshold/compress fader to the ratio control causing the ratio to increase as compression increases with a very small ratio (1:2.1) at the top through to around 20:1 at the bottom. The 'knee' also becomes rounder and more gradual as it changes. When disengaged, the ratio switches then determine by how much the output is reduced. With settings from 3:1 through to hard limit, the amount of sLiM-JiM's compression is quickly and simply switchable and covers all useful ratio settings you are likely to need.

New 'Saturate' feature for analog tape like compression

The saturate control adds another, soft band of compression and overdrive which resembles analog tape compression to help fatten the sound. If you want, you can use this alone by switching off the ratio buttons to simply fatten weak sounds without using the compression circuit for a nice, smooth tape squash.



Rumble reduction
We've also included a very effective anti-rumble filter for cleaning critical and problematic tracks and mixes.
This is not a conventional EQ filter at all but a specially designed filter phase network which concentrates on nonmusical frequencies which can muddy up a mix. Great for vocals and solo instruments, it helps reduce the frequencies causing boominess generally found around the 30-120HZ region.So, that just about rounds out what we hope will be your Favourite Scope compressor of all time!



compressor plugin feature highlights image Smooth, natural compression based on classic valve models from the 50's +60'scompressor plugin feature highlights image
compressor plugin feature highlights imagebuilt-in, multiband sidechain with listen mode for controlling which frequencies are compressedcompressor plugin feature highlights image
compressor plugin feature highlights imageSelect from two distinctly different methods of compression from front panelcompressor plugin feature highlights image
compressor plugin feature highlights imageA perfect everyday use compressorcompressor plugin feature highlights image

compressor plugin feature highlights imageThe most fully featured compressor plugin ever designed for Scopecompressor plugin feature highlights image

compressor plugin feature highlights imageVery dramatic Compression EFX possiblecompressor plugin feature highlights image

compressor plugin feature highlights imageplugin features full MIDI controlcompressor plugin feature highlights image
compressor plugin feature highlights imageExtremely low DSP usagecompressor plugin feature highlights image
compressor plugin feature highlights imageStereo/mono, project window and mixer insert compatible plugin compressor plugin feature highlights image
compressor plugin feature highlights imageQuick response digital VU meters for reduction and output metering with peak lightcompressor plugin feature highlights image


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